Change your coding font to this. You can't believe what happens next!

The ergonomic impact of your editor's font is often underestimated. Here is a tip.

The clickbait title of this post entirely reflects its content. Just sayin'.

Perhaps you haven't spent much time on deciding a good coding font. Maybe you did a quick Google search and ended up with Fira Code. It has ligatures after all. But there is one question you need to ask yourself: Is this you?

Maybe you're just like me in the sense that I am like nobody else. You're unique. Why would you want to use a font that everybody else uses? Be a wildcard, live on the edge!

You're unique

My initial approach was to use Comic Sans to code with, but as some of you may know, it isn't monospaced or open and free (Couldn't figure out a good way to get it on Ubuntu)[1]. So I went with the open modern Comic Neue.

It isn't monospaced, but it gets the job done. It completely lacks ligatures, something that I tried to fix with horrendous results. I would recommend using the bold version for code. Comic Neue code sample

I still wasn't fully satisfied. I couldn't use Comic Neue in my VSCode terminal since it wasn't monospace. It just didn't cut it. I needed something monospaced, so that next time someone looks at my insanely skilled commands they will say "Wow".

It just didn't cut it

I went on a far journey throughout the internet. For many days and nights I searched, finding nothing. Until one day when it looked like the darkest, I saw a glimpse of light. Drawing closer I could sense the magnificance, subtleness and softness of it. I had found Comic Shanns. I had finally found what I was looking for. Even though it lacks ligatures, it makes up for it with how beautiful it looks in the terminal.

Comic Shanns code sample

Have a quick look at it!! Your life will change for the better! I promise!

Yours truly, Tobias Skarhed

  1. After writing this, Emil Tullstedt informed me that I can use apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer ↩︎