Good links

This is a short little list on links with good content related to self development and team building.

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Self improvement

Presidents, deans, and professors rarely tell students simple truths, for example that the strategizing and diligence that got them into the college of their choice may not, if followed thoughtlessly, lead to an adult life they will find worth living.

-Harry R. Lewis


Psychological traps/Biases

Traps which one should avoid

  • Cognitive bias codex
  • Projection - What you don't like in others is what you don't like in yourself
  • Dunning Kruger effect - inflated self perception; to think oneself greater than the objective truth. Fail to recognize genuine skill in others.
  • Survivorship Bias - Not recognizing that many have failed, it imposes the illusion of required traits for succeeding




Teams / Teamwork


Effective teams


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