Coursera Notes: Mindshift

With Barbara Oakley and Terrence Sejnowski.


Mindshift is about how we can change our mind and perception of the things which we do not know. You are never bad at something, you most likely just don't fully know it... yet!

Slow learner or fast learner?

Some people have a tendency to rush to conclusions. They are the ones giving quick answers in class, and they are the ones following the beaten path. Slow learners quite different. They are often interested in things along the way, and might stay a while to explore. They are curious, and their tendency to not always following the beaten path means that they are more likely to come up with unique and creative solutions.

  • Fast learner - Racing car on a road
  • Slow learner - Hiker on a trail

Passive and active

Stinky tofu - Being told about it vs. experiencing it
Hands on experience sticks much better. Active learning requires more effort, but everything sticks better. For teacher: taking a break to make the students solve some porblems, may improve their retention of the material. 1

  • Only watching tutorials instead of doing the work yourself is dangerous.
  • Test yourself on materials - Do you REALLY know that you know it?
  • Quizzes are vital
  • Reinforce active learning by talking to others


The Value of Your Past

Normal science - to take an existing idea and expand on it. Paradigm shift - take the same information and see it from a different perspective.

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