3 ways to relax and reflect

I have had a busy weekend of sorts. The first half of my saturday I spent at a meeting; creds to me for delivering!

Since I have been up and about almost every day the past couple of weeks I figured as much that I needed to rest a little bit. I have a couple of ways to rest my soul a. These methods are entirely self-centered and used as means to clean up the mind, settle unnecessary thoughts and generate feelings.

Watch a movie

I am somewhat of a moviemaniac. One year I actually watched more than 300 movies. You might ask yourself; Why?

The answer is simple: Good movies can generate feelings out of thin air. It is a good way to connect with one's feelings. What am I feeling and why am I feeling this? It can also be used as a tool to know where to generate these feelings in real life.

Let's face it. In real life your rarely have truly inspirational moments. How can you achieve inspirational moments when you only have been there for a few? By watching inspirational movies, you can identify how these are delivered or maybe built up over time.

Immerse yourself and feel it.

Take a long "walk" with no time limit

Just go. It does not matter where, when or why. You do not even have to walk. Go to a place that you usually do not acssociate with everyday life. Be in a physical other place and do something that you rarely do. Most of all; do it for fun, without any predisposition about what it might generate.

This saturday afternoon I spent hours in the forest, just watching the signs of fall. To really achieve the feeling of being someplace else entirely, I had some background music from Outlander. I actually took some photos with my phone and played around with Snapseed. The photographs became suprisingly astonishing.

Mutual understanding across space and time

This is an advanced way to describe Tumblr. The essentials of this statement is all about connecting with words. This could be a very inspirational aphorism, a long poem or a fictional novel.

It is all about touching the core of another person's creation; what did they think when they wrote it? How does this relate to me? Why do I relate to this?

It is a perfect way to reflect upon your current or past situation in life.

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